Custom Machinery

custom solutions for your needs
Demso designs, develops and build highly specialized or non-existent prototype and production machines from concept. We add value with our experience & knowledge of machinery design, machinery fabrication, automation, mechanical engineering and Software control.

We don’t build standard machines. We are experts at taking your idea, concept or machine prototype and providing high-quality machinery. Our expertise as custom machine manufacturers begins at the design phase. We partner with you to at the first design stage produce and demonstrate concepts identify all potential issues in order to proceed with the feasibility study of your machine.

After completing the machinery manufacturing, Demso fully tests before installation and continue to support you after checkout and training are complete.

Several technologies can be combined in order to solve problems concerning assembly, material handling, processing packaging etc.

Demso is focused on building strong long term partnerships focusing on communication, cooperation, and support.

Demso can also arrange a Pilot production of your machine or supply all the necessary documentation and support needed to move from concept to manufacturing.

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