RAIDEN CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Optimally suited for a wide variety of common or challenging materials.


Specially designed for producing high-resolution images and text (including a great range of type fonts)


High-performance with great flexibility


Designed for boosting productivity


Suitable for high volume processing and production lines, while having very low operating costs due to the absence of consumables and the need for minimum maintenance


Meets high standards of safety, ergonomics, and design

RAIDEN CO2 can be used for processing a great variety of common materials such as all kinds of engineering plastics, powder-coated materials, rubber and polymer compounds, epoxy resins, ceramics, along with anodized aluminum. Additionally, it is ideal for challenging materials too, such as glass and polyurethane foam.

Raiden CO2 laser marking machine is based on state-of-the-art technology, already implemented in-depth in major industries specializing on paperboard products, glass-filled plastics (including polycarbonate and thermoset resins), PCB Marking Applications, glasses, powder-coated metals, and anodized aluminum products.

Every DEMSO Raiden CO2 laser marking machine comes with a series of standard accessories, including an F-theta scan lens, a footswitch, test materials, a USB cable, and laser protection glasses (10640nm).

It can further be configured to meet your needs, including (but not limited to) rotary marking attachments, safety enclosure, smoke extraction systems, an X/Y adjustable table, rotary stage for cylindrical objects, auto focus module, automatic alignment camera, a control PC, and more.

Technical Specifications

  • Laser Type: CO2
  • Z-Axis: Manual/Motorized
  • Laser Power CW: 20-200W
  • Wavelength: 10640nm
  • Beam quality m²: 1.2
  • Working Area: 50x50cm up to 200x200cm
  • Max Workpiece Height: On-Demand
  • Output Power – Pear Power: 10-250 KW
  • Output Frequency: 1-1.000KHz
  • Power Stability: 8H +/- 7%
  • Part Materials: Non-Metals
  • Max Marking Speed: 10m/sec
  • Max Positioning Speed: 16m/sec
  • Marking in Line: Optional
  • Software: Marking Mate
  • Color Marking: No
  • Auto Focus: Optional
  • Multi-Parts Marking: On-Demand
  • Graphic Format Supported: Yes
  • Cooling Mode: >100W Water Cooled
  • Life of Laser Module: 30.000H
  • Laser Safety Classification: Class 1 with Enclosure / Class 2 Open

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